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*English language follows Japanese.
身に付けているときも置いているときも、 バッグを日々の景色の一部と考えデザインする レザーバッグ&アクセサリーブランドke shi ki。

エコバッグを持ち歩く生活スタイルも定着してきたように思いますが、スタイリッシュで軽さと丈夫さを兼ね備えたeco bagをお探しの方にオススメしたいPocket bagです。白×水色のLOCCA別注カラーになります。


約80mm × 145mm
最大約W355mm × H530mm

<Crafting Designer>
Ruri Hosokawa

京都工芸繊維大学で建築•デザインを学んだ後、8年半の間、都内インテリア会社にて生活用品の企画•デザインを手がける。そこで革素材に出会い、革職人のもとで製法を学ぶ。開発期間を経て、2016年10月にレザーバッグブランドke shi kiを立ち上げる。
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ke shi ki is a leather bag and accessory label, pursuing a philosophy that bags should be part of a scenery whether they are being carried or not.
Pocke Bag by ke sh iki - made by Ruri Hosokawa.

This pocket bag is light, sturdy, and fashionable, and comes in a special LOCCA color of white and light blue. Recommend this pocket bag to those who are looking for a stylish, light, and durable eco bag.

The pocket is made of genuine leather, and in order to make it easy to fold neatly, there is stitching on the inside of the perimeter visible from the back side of the leather pocket. This stitching is the secret of the bag's comfortable fit...
The fabric used is Cordura® Ripstop Nylon from INVISTA, USA. The silicone-coated surface of the nylon fabric is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and translucent. Used white fabric on one side and light blue on the other. It is lightweight and yet durable, making it not only good looking but also highly functional.
The size is A4, and when folded, it becomes as compact as a card. It can fit neatly in the pocket of your clothes or bag.

Size when folded
Approx. 80mm × 145mm ( 3.14" x 5.70")
Size when unfolded
Approx. W355mm × H530mm (H13.9" × W20.8")
*Please allow for slight variations.
Leather, *CORDURA® ripstop nylon
*CORDURA® is a durable fabric and is a registered trademark of INVISTA.

<Crafting Designer>
Ruri Hosokawa
After studying architecture and design at Kyoto Institute of Technology, worked in the planning and designing of lifestyle goods at an interior design company in Tokyo for 8 and a half years. Met leather materials and learned leatherworking under the tutelage of leather craftsmen. After a development period, launched the ke shi ki label in October 2016.
ke shi ki official website
ke shi ki Instagram

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