ciito mitsuami earing S / silver (one side)
ciito mitsuamiピアス S シルバー(片耳)

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三つ編み部分:約3 x 20(mm)


丹生 淳子
1980 東京都生まれ
2003 武蔵野美術大学 空間演出デザイン学科ファッションコース卒業


ciito 丹生さんの作家インタビューはこちらをご覧下さい

An silver mitsuami pierced earring S by ciito - made by Junko Nibu.
It is a part of series in which braids woven with yarn are traced and finished with metal.
While braiding (called mitsuami in Japanese) her daughter's beautiful hair every morning, Nibu-san said that she thought the braids were a symbol of ciito and her current daily life. When her daughter grows up, the braids will remind her of the days when she was raising her child while working on ciito, and this series were born out of her personal feelings.

The item comes in two sizes and two colors. This is the S size earring/silver 925.
This is an one-sided item, so you can combine it with different colors, sizes, ear cuffs, etc.

An one-sided earring.
This item will be delivered in a pillow type box.

Approx. 3mm x 20mm (0.11" x 0.78")

Silver 925
Made in Japan.

・Using metal materials that are difficult to cause allergies, but there are individual differences, and not all people are allergic to these products. Please use your own judgment when purchasing these products.
・Metal is a material that is easily discolored by sweat or sebum, or by prolonged exposure to air. We recommend that you wipe it gently with a soft cloth after wearing it and store it in the zippered bag provided.
・Each piece may be slightly different due to the handmade products. Please be forewarned.
・Please note that due to the nature of the product, we are unable to accept returns or replacements.

Nibu Junko
1980 Born in Tokyo
2003 Graduated fashion course of space direction design, Musashino Art University
Also learned printing at Otsuka Texitile Gakuin during working on a educational shop.
2005 Working at a select shop in Tokyo.
2012 Start ciito brand conceppted of the works relating thread.

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