knoten活版印刷 雪の結晶ミニカードセット(深緑)
Letterpress mini card set "snowflakes" green

Price 販売価格 330円(税30円)
Quantity 購入数

*English language follows Japanese.

封筒:64 x 99(mm)
カード:90 x 55(mm)


Letterpress mini card set "snowflakes" designed and printed by knoten. Knoten have been working with three people in the meaning called "the knot" in German. They are dedicated to texture of paper and color tone of ink. Snowflakes mini card set (dark green) included one small envelope and one business card size lovely mini card. Printed snowflakes both envelope and card. Great use for a gift.
All card and envelope by the letterpress printed by hand.
Made in Japan.

Envelope:64 x 99(mm)
Mini card:90 x 55(mm)

【Notice】Each piece may be slightly different due to the handmade products. Please be forewarned.

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